Exhibition Scrapbook

It was a challenge for the Philomenian Library to host Seeking Shelter during a busy summer on Conanicut Island, but its message of community, environmentalist, and conservation spoke directly and powerfully to the Jamestown community.

Philomenian Library, Jamestown, RI — May, 2018

Island Free Library

Block Island, RI — July, 2017

Brown University

Providence, RI — October, 2017

Salve Regina University

Newport, RI — February, 2018

Jamestown Philomenean Library

Jamestown, RI — May, 2018

Hale House

Charlestown RI — July, 2018

University of Rhode Island

Providence, RI — August, 2018

Loyola University

Chicago, IL — September, 2018

Boston College

Boston, MA — February, 2019

Block Island Historical Society

Block Island, RI  — August, 2021

Yale Divinity Library

New Haven, CT — April, 2022