The Block Island Historical Society — August, 2021

Seeking Shelter returned to Block Island on August 5, 2021.

Opening speaker was Michael Oppenheimer, PhD, who spoke on “Environmental Threats to

Conservation on Block Island”,

with remarks by Bayberry Wreath Laureates 

Keith Lewis and Corrie Heinz.

Island Free Library

Block Island, RI — July, 2017

Brown University 

Providence, RI — October, 2017

Salve Regina University 

Newport, RI — February, 2018

Jamestown Philomenean Library

Jamestown, RI — May, 2018

Hale House

Charlestown RI — July, 2018

University of Rhode Island

Providence, RI — August, 2018

Loyola University 

Chicago, IL — September, 2018

Boston College

Boston, MA — February, 2019

Block Island Historical Society

Block Island, RI  — August, 2021

Yale Divinity Library

New Haven, CT — April, 2022